The best solutions are
often most simple.


The nuts and bolts .


Gathering and aligning goals and objectives of stakeholders and users at the beginning of a project is paramount. Information is gathered and compiled, creating a solid foundation for the project.

Competitive Analysis

Examining areas of strength and weakness of competitors brings light to unique opportunities that can be leveraged to increase user satisfaction, conversion and engagement.

Evaluation & analysis

A thorough examination of existing applications, systems or products further aligns the project's vision and helps set the scope of the project.

User Experience Strategy

A formal document, the User Experience Strategy articulates the path that aligns the business and users goals into quantifiable, measurable objectives setting the stage for the design phase.

Experience / Journey Map

Conducting and synthesizing qualitative and quantitative research leads to further definition of the objectives that outline specific pain points and opportunities that need to be addressed.


Whether quickly hand-drawn, whiteboarded in a group setting or annotated high-fidelity, wireframes translate objectives into visual blueprints of interactions and experiences.

User testing

Direct or remote observational testing is key to validating solutions and identifying problems early, reducing costly revisions after development and release.

Handoff & support

Once the architecture and interactions have been thoroughly tested, approved and handed off to design and development, ongoing support ensures proper communication and collaboration between disciplines.


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